Kelley Creatives


Latest Painting Collection

"Abraham Lincoln"


"The Sun"

"Color Collab"

"State Of Mind"

"Neon Bull"

"Purple muse"

"Smell The Flowers"

"Lion Rampant"


"Flamingo Lovers"



"Moon Goddess"


"Double Palm"


"Colorfully Sad"


"Sweet Pea"

"Tree Woman"




"When Pigs Fly"

"Legs For Days"

"Skeletal Tuna"

"Whimsical Flow"



"Sail to the sun"

"Ace of Cups"

"Saturn Returns"


"Ariel View"

"Plant Life"

"Simple Beach Day"

"Blue Train"

"Summer Slash"

"English Cottage"

"Winter Frost"



"Shattered Heart"

"Hidden Shark"



"Four Legged"

"Star Crossed Lovers"

"Black & White"


"Wildwood Canyon"

"Bob Marley"





"Emotional Intelligence"


"Neon Summer"


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