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Vibrant colors, abstract perspective

The Vision

Kelley Creatives is an online store that showcases a collection of abstract and acrylic art paintings on canvas. Each piece is an expression of the artist’s creativity and passion, offering a unique perspective on the world around us. The vibrant colors and bold strokes captivate the viewer, inviting them to immerse themselves in the artist’s vision.

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Yellow Chaos

Hints Of Red


Blue Blood Pressure

State Of Mind

Painting on Canvas



While achieving a great portrait is a delicate balance, the artist captures the likeness and essence of the person painted- while still maintaining her artistic voice. the artist uses thick brushstrokes, blending colors seamlessly while still focusing on how the person looks in real life.


Rather than focusing on the truthful depiction or realistic imitation of an object, the artist uses abstract art to look at other non-objective artistic elements of shape, form, color and line. She uses abstract techniques to explore ideas beyond the canvas and physical reality. Her emotions play into the art of fluid motion when it comes to her abstract abilities.


The artist uses the nature of the physical world to convey a sense of depth within her own perspective. When she is painting surrealism she is using her mind to see the natural world, connecting to something deep within herself to share her visual creation.

Miscellaneous Art

The artist uses the art of painting miscellaneous items as an innovative way to use acrylic paints and create what wants to be birthed into this world. Here you will find random artworks directly inspired by the artist. 


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