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About The Artist

Los Angeles based artist, Kelley Phelan, has been honing her skills in painting for the past several years.

Originally a fashion designer, she blended her creative skills with an eye for color.

The artist’s evolution into painting allowed her to expand her imagination and create one of a kind pieces. She is proud to say she chose the path of creation. Her emotions and moods show greatly within the color palettes she uses. She has a way with color that blends the most abstract visuals into beautiful scenes with eye catching details. 

Pushing her limits while sharing her gifts with others is what she came here to do.


To create beautiful artwork that sparks emotion in the eye of the viewer. To influence color with balance and taste. To showcase elements of the artist’s style so she can sing her song in tune with the rest of the world. To let the artist be free.


The Vision

Classical Revival – in Modern Art

An artistic style inspired by or imitative of classical modes of expression.

‘The classical revival’, ‘the call to order’, ‘the return to order’ –

We are faced with times of uncertainty in the world. Let us join together in art to ease our worried minds and grasp a new sense of stability. May we return to order through chaos and find peace within ourselves. Let the expression of the artist take you to another place, where art can be used as a distraction to find harmony. Letting joy of expression make its way back into the lives of the people.

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